WhatsApp will allow users to use the same account across two smartphones soon

Among all the instant messaging apps, WhatsApp owned by Meta is one of the most popular instant messaging apps. To enhance the conversational experiences of the users, the app has constantly introduced new features and upgrades on a regular basis. With WhatsApp, users can now quickly send text, video and media messages to contacts. The software allows users to make UPI payments online as well as voice and video calls.

More about the new feature

Users can currently open one WhatsApp account on one smartphone as well as three additional devices, including desktop computers and laptops. However, users are not allowed to open the same account on more than one smartphone. Users have complained about the difficulty of using WhatsApp on multiple cell phones. According to reports, WhatsApp is developing a new feature that allows users to link a different smartphone to their accounts.

Note WABetaInfo is a feature that allows users to connect multiple mobile phones to their WhatsApp accounts and instantly sync the chat history on the companion device. Evidence of the functionality is found in the latest beta version of Android WhatsApp, version

The functionality, which is now in beta testing, increases the possibility that WhatsApp will eventually include support that comes with the device. Currently, WhatsApp supports four types of devices: desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. Unfortunately, there is no way to turn on the companion device feature in the beta version of WhatsApp at the moment. Before it becomes available to everyone, the feature may still be in development and take a few weeks or months.

Support for companion devices is not a recent addition. For years, Telegram has had it. Internet messaging service can be used simultaneously on different mobile phones using the same account.

Currently, WhatsApp can be used on up to four devices, including one smartphone.

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