Why didn’t the Angelina Jolie sequel happen?

The original film was a star medium for Angelina Jolie. But despite being a huge hit, Salt 2 never really happened. Here’s why canning the supplement.

The original car was a car that made Angelina Jolie a success, but why did she do it salt 2 fail to be realized? Angelina Jolie was a regular face of the movement genre in the mid-2000s, which includes Tomb rider Movies and comic adaptation wanted. Tom Cruise was originally attached to salt, who dealt with a CIA agent named Edwin Salt on the run when he was accused of being a Russian spy. Cruz was attached for over a year before leaving because he felt the character was too close to her Mission: Impossible Ethan Hunt.

. script salt It was eventually rewritten for Angelina Jolie, with the character renamed Evelyn. salt It was a way to showcase Jolie’s action clips and acting, and while the movie itself suffered from a somewhat generic plot, its performance and some good scenes made it worth watching. The movie grossed nearly $300 million and was on the verge of becoming a new franchise, but nearly a decade after its release, it’s clearly unlikely to happen.

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salt He also boasted a strong cast outside of Angelina Jolie, with Liev Schreiber, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Andre Prager also starring. While there may be a sequel tease in saltNothing came to follow the rest of the movie – and perhaps for the better. Here’s why salt 2 The potential future of the franchise never materialized.

Salt ends with tease complement

After preventing nuclear war – similar to InterceptorEnd – Salt escapes from CIA custody after pledging to hunt down all of the Russian sleeper agents. There is also a suggestion that the new president could be a Russian spy, which was created salt 2 To pursue Evelyn to become something of a vigilante who drops KA agents within the US government. all in all, saltThe end was meant to be left open and indicate the possibility of a second batch. However, this did not happen for a number of reasons.

Angelina Jolie rejected the script because of the salt 2

2010 salt bike chase

In the years that followed, salt 2 It has been developed but does not seem to have gained much traction. Julie rejected a draft of salt 2 In 2012, while reports of a sequel were still being developed, the actress’ involvement remained in question. In fact, while Angelina Jolie’s movie salt It was a hit, and it wasn’t a box office juggernaut either. So, after years of fruitless development, Sony probably chose to let the project die quietly.

There were rumors of a TV series Salt in 2016

Angelina Jolie as Evelyn Salt in Salt

with no sign salt 2 Moving forward, a report emerged in 2016 that Sony was developing a file salt TV series instead. The sequel could have been teased at the end of the movie ready to show, as Evelyn Salt tracks down several moles. However, this concept is quite similar to Black listwhich could be one of the reasons why you haven’t heard anything about a file salt since then. Angelina Jolie has shown her willingness to return to sequels like Mischievous: Mistress of Evilbut considering that ten years have passed without salt 2She is unlikely to return to the role.

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Why is it a good thing there is no salt 2

While salt Creating a sequel, this does not necessarily mean that there should have been a sequel. If Tom Cruise pulled out of the original production because he felt the character was too similar to his Mission: Impossible His counterpart and TV show were canceled because they were too similar Black list, the origin may simply be too derivative to justify continuing in a creative way. In addition to, salt It received mixed reviews from critics and audiences, so while it wasn’t fully shown at the box office, there wasn’t much demand for more of the story. The film’s problem was that the characters and story line relied too heavily on their genre predecessors, trying to take the best parts from the older and better spy movies without giving the film an original spin or approach. eternityAngelina Jolie may have downloaded the movie, but she refused to take it salt 2The studios probably thought it was best to let this sleeping dog lie.

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