Why there’s no’Avengers 5” at MCU Period 4, Also Also we’re definitely getting Avengers movies

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Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home have just Reasoned Marvel’s Infinity Saga, Also Marvel announced all the upcoming movies and TV shows that will be part of the fourth phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

But going into Stage 4, which starts on May 1st, 2020 with Dark Widow and finishes on November 5th, 2021 with Thor 4, we know there won’t be any fresh Avengers films (of note, we also won’t have some fresh Guardians or Spider-Man movies in Phase 4). Needless to saythis is not the conclusion of the Avengers and it’s also not the end of epic films that include all our favorite heroes in the MCU.

Obviously, Avengerswouldn’t be possible without all of the individual stories which introduce new heroes and advance their arcs. However, you’d be a lot less interested in seeing a Thor sequel, or a film that introduces a brand-new hero (or group of personalities ) in cinemas on launching day without knowing in the back of your mind that it’ll all come together down the road. The same holds for Shang-Chi or The Eternals, films I want to see primarily because they’re part of a far larger tapestry of experiences.

Marvel’s ambitious plan all became evident with the first Avengers movie, though it was many years later it truly delivered on its promise. Infinity War and Endgame will be both most important events of the MCU so far, and they are even more enjoyable if you’ve seen all of the other standalone films that preceded them.

Endgame regrettably also marks the end of an era, with several heroes having been retired. It is time to rebuild the Avengers and get new team members to deal with the upcoming threats. At the same time, Marvel may not attempt to replicate Endgame just, in regards to establishing the narrative.

“I understand nothing. I literally know nothing,” McFeely mentioned during the meeting at the conclusion of the article, a dialogue that happened before Marvel’s Kevin Feige unveiled each of the forthcoming Phase 4 titles. “I read things in Los Angeles Times and each of these other sites, and I go,’Well, I don’t think Marvel announced that.’ There’s all these small rumory items, but I do not know them”

“All I know is Stage 4 will go in a lot more instructions than any of the preceding three stages,” Markus said. “Because of, one, simply because of the doors that three successful stages have opened. Now they’ve cosmic Marvel available; they have Doctor Strange cosmic Marvel accessible.

He also added,”Plus if you throw at the Disney+ streaming item… I think that it will be a phase that is shaped differently than the preceding ones. Something which may spread out in more directions at the same time. It is almost inevitable when you keep making these items, and they are all connected, it cannot be on one straight line, or you are gonna get incredibly repetitive after a while. So it has to spread.”

The two authors are involved with the MCU for a couple of years now, working on the previous two Captain America and Avengers movies, but they don’t have some clear insight about what will occur next. But reading between the lines here, it’s absolutely clear that Marvel will continue to sprinkle the same magic in the forthcoming MCU movies. They’ll all be linked in a variety of ways to a stage where an Avengers 5 movie — if it’s Young Avengers or Dark Avengers– will be inevitable.

At precisely the same time, given how thingswere left after Endgame,”you can not increase the bets,” at the moment, as Markus clarified while speaking about the protagonist departures from the MCU later Endgame. What the writer was essentially saying is that it’s time to get a breath of fresh air in the MCU, before continuing to other intertwined stories. That includes both new heroes, and new crews to bring them into life.

Within the next few years alone, Marvel will present The Eternals and Shang-Chi, as well as replacements for Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Thor.

Not to mention that Captain Marvel two , Black Panther two , also Guardians 3 were all teased for Phase 5, a stage that will also incorporate a remake of Blade. In other words, we are going to find a brand new mix of super-powered people who are probably to cross paths with each other several years later on. We only need to wait.


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