Yes, there are strip clubs in the metaverse — how some exotic dancers make $2k a month

“WTF, I thought we were just here to observe!” Laptop Mag contributor TJ Fink said in horror as he watched me, represented as a hot dog avatar, put on my best moves at Club B33, a public strip club inside VRChat.

“When in Rome, do what the Romans do!” I said while circling a pole, imagining myself as Salma Hayek from From Dusk Till Dawn. However, from the outside looking in, I just looked like a wonky, wobbling weiner. How do I know? Fink took an in-game screenshot and showed me the evidence — yes, that’s me throwing my buns in a circle in my, er, “seductive” routine.

Me as a hot dog avatar in VRChat (Image credit: Future)

You laugh, but guess what? Someone thought my routine was inviting enough to get a “hot diggity dog!” out of ‘em. I thought I was safe as weiner, a relatively androgynous character (female-presenting avatars tend to get harassed in VRChat), but it completely slipped my mind that I am giant, phallic-shaped edible entity in the middle of a strip club. As such, you can imagine the lewd comments that were hurled my way. Oops!

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