You can now fix your Pixel with official Google and iFixit parts

Google Pixel owners can now self-repair smartphones with original parts available for purchase now from iFixit.

The partnership, which was revealed earlier this year, gives Pixel 2 owners the right to repair up to the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro series.

Users in the UK, US and Canada who feel daring to try some innovative DIY technology can now purchase components like the battery, display, rear camera array and more, complete with all the tools needed to get the job done.

With all the necessary kit, the Pixel 6 Pro camera kit costs £164.99, the Pixel 5 screen at £144.99, and the Pixel 6 battery at £37.99, for example.

iFixit publishes guides for each of the fixes involved and pledges to add more parts for supported phones in the future, as well as new phones like the upcoming Pixel 6a and Pixel 7 phones. Everything is backed by a lifetime warranty on parts too, keep the batteries.

“When consumers have more choices, more repairs happen, and prices stay fair — you can fix your phone yourself, or take it to a variety of professionals,” iFixit says in a blog post confirming availability.

“Retaining this kind of competition in the repair market is a vital part of why iFixit is fighting for right-to-repair laws. It is refreshing to see more and more companies stepping up voluntarily and offering access to genuine parts.”

iFixit says Google has worked hard to improve the repairability of its phones, and make components more modular, and that work is now playing into the hands of official parts offering to loyal Pixel owners who fancy themselves using screwdrivers.

Both Apple and Samsung are making strides toward the consumer’s right to repair their smartphones, ahead of proposed regulations that guarantee the right of users at home and abroad.

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