YouTube adds watermarks to downloaded shorts

YouTube announced this week that it will add watermarks to any download YouTube short Created using the platform by the content creators. Watermarks will be automatically added to videos when the creator downloads them perhaps to share with other online services like TikTok.

The news from YouTube brings it in line with other online services like the previously mentioned TikTok which for some time have added watermarks to any videos created with their service and downloaded by the creators. The video includes a watermark and creator username to enable viewers to easily find the original video if they prefer. Last year, Instagram confirmed that it would not promote Reels that have a competing watermark, and earlier this year, it said it had tweaked its algorithm to give preference to original content.

YouTube short It was introduced back in 2020 and is now included in recommendations and has its own custom navigation tab. Google will start adding Short watermarks in the next few weeks on desktop and will roll out the feature in the coming months to mobile devices. For more information, go to the official Google YouTube support site by following the link below.

YouTube Short Watermarks

– If you are a content creator who downloads your shorts from YouTube Studio to share across other platforms, you will now have a watermark added to your downloaded content
– We’ve added a watermark to the short films you download so viewers can see the content you share across platforms can be found on YouTube Shorts
– This will be rolling out over the next few weeks on desktop, and we plan on expanding to mobile devices over the coming months

Source: Google: Verge

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