YouTube partners with Shopify for shopping

Google has announced a new partnership with Shopify and YouTube that brings some new shopping features to its platform.

This will allow YouTube creators to access a suite of direct shopping tools that will allow users to shop directly from their videos.

Every day, people come to YouTube to shop – and that includes me, a self-proclaimed sports fanatic. I use YouTube to hear from players, experts, and fellow fans and decide which new hat or shirt would be the next fun purchase to help me represent my team. We know that creators and viewers have a unique relationship, and it’s this trust between them that helps to know what viewers are ultimately buying. In fact, according to a study we conducted in partnership with Publicis and TalkShoppe, 89% of viewers agree that YouTube creators make recommendations they can trust, so it’s important that everything we work on YouTube Shopping supports ensuring a seamless experience for the viewer and creator.

Just this year, we’ve created live events from Brazil’s biggest soccer tournament, Paulistão, to YouTube’s second annual Beauty Festival, to Coachella, which are completely shoppable events for viewers. We’ve also reimagined product launches, and hosted our first shorts shopping challenge with Glossier, to launch their exclusive number. 1 eyeliner pen. We’ve expanded access to shopping for more creators and added more types of products that can be featured in a video so viewers can shop more.

You can find out more details about the new YouTube shopping features on Google at the link below.

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